How to find and eliminate Fortnite abusers to complete this week’s legendary challenges


The aliens have taken over Fortnite this season and are currently trying to hijack the Slurpy swamp. Although Doctor Sloan is trying to fight the attack of the players, there has not been much progress. Dr. Sloan has completed a list of new legendary challenges to take the war to the next level. One of these tasks is to eradicate Fortnite oppressors.

Here we will see how to eliminate Fortnite trespassers. But before we start with that, we’ll look at the other legendary challenges that players have to complete this week. Other legendary challenges include equipping detectors to deactivate an alien billboard, collecting resources from the Holy Hatchery, installing bioscanners in the alien biome, and installing spy probes at various locations across the map.

Players, however, will remember the elimination of the Fortnite oppressors before this season. This time you need to eliminate all three of them to complete the challenge. Here we will look at all the possible places where you can find Fortnite abusers and also give you advice on how to eliminate them.

Fortnite Trespassser location

The first place you should visit is Holy Hatchery. You can simply pick up a weapon and eliminate one of the many criminals patrolling the area. After eliminating, you can easily pick up their alien weapon so that the other two can be easily eliminated.

During the gameplay, you will occasionally see an NPC that is not supposed to be in position. You can simply contact the intruder to get a free in-game item and then eliminate them to get a challenge point after publishing them.

You can also see places with bright purple writing as you jump off the battle bus. There you will find intruders to shoot UFOs, which you can shoot to show obscenity.

Plus, you don’t have to exclude three intruders in one match, you can do it in multiple matches a week.

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