How to Download YouTube Videos to Watch Offline


YouTube has become a popular platform for many users on the Internet. It is without a doubt the largest library of video content in the world. With such a huge amount of data, many people start relying on apps for their daily needs. For example, videos from educational organizations, recipes, daily problem solving, and more. Internet connectivity may have improved over the past decade but it is still not completely free and available. In such cases, it would be ideal if you can download these videos to watch later.

There may be some third-party services that allow users to download videos for later viewing. However, these methods fall into a kind of gray area. You can be safe if you do not download the video and do not share it as your property or use it commercially.

Here’s one way you can download a video to watch in the YouTube app:

-Open YouTube app on your phone

  • Search the video you want to download for offline viewing

-Once you access that video and it starts playing, there will be a down-arrow button which can be used to download it

-After tapping on it you will be given various options regarding the quality of the download as well as the data consumption

-For general users, the app may only provide options to download in lower quality (144p or 360p)

-For those who are YouTube Premium members, the application will allow FullHD downloads or in 720p resolution

-Once you have decided your option, click on it and the download will start

-The download may take time depending on the internet speed and the quality of the video being downloaded

-Once completed, you will be able to access videos from the library in the streaming service.

-Videos will be available in the library section without internet for a period of 29 days

-Once that period is over, you will either have to download it again or watch it online.

This method of downloading videos does not violate any rights and the user is protected from any legal gray areas. However, the videos will not appear in your phone gallery. You’ll need to open the YouTube app and then Library to view downloaded videos.


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