how to download facebook videos without third party app


Facebook No introduction is needed as it is one of the most widely used social media platforms today. Facebook, now one of the meta platforms, has almost everything you could ask of a social media platform.

instant messaging? It’s thanks to Messenger. stories? it exists. Birthday reminder? Probably the most used feature by some. and shopping? Well, he is there too. The app offers tons of features now and then, but even simple things like viral videos and photos are available on Facebook.

While scrolling through the platform, you must have seen many viral videos that you want to share with your friends on other platforms, for example, say WhatsApp. But sharing a link doesn’t work, what we mean is that you don’t know if that friend of yours even clicked the link.

So the best way to share viral videos or any videos is to download and share them. In this story, we will show you how you can easily download videos from Facebook.

how to download videos from facebook without any app

Downloading an application just to download Facebook videos can be a hassle, and that said, we recommend you to use a secure and reliable website for the same. Follow the steps below to download Facebook videos safely without any third-party apps.

step 1: Open the Facebook app and tap on the video you want to download.

step 2: Tap the Share button, it looks like an arrow pointing to the right.

step 3: Tap on Copy Link.

step 4: meeting on the browser of your choice or simply click on the above link.

Step 5: Now in the section where it says “Paste your video link here,” paste the link you just copied.

Step 6: Tap on Download.

Step 7: Select the resolution in which you want the video to be downloaded and tap on Download Video.

Now, it should be saved in your phone. For iOS users, you need to open the Downloads section in the Safari browser and open the video. Finally, tap the Share icon at the bottom and tap Save Video, which will then save the video to your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

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