how to delete netflix viewing history


Netflix is ​​one of the largest OTT platform globally. Since binge-watching is one of many people’s favorite pastimes, there are bound to be billions of movies and shows in your viewing history. While some may be worth recommending to others, others not so much. If you don’t want others, especially when you are sharing the account with your family members, to see your history, here are some steps you can follow to clear your Netflix history:

How to Delete Your Netflix Watching History on PC

  1. Log in to your Netflix account and tap Menu
  2. Tap on Profile and select the option to View Activity and open “My Activity Page”
  3. You can now see your “My Activity” panel which will show your viewing activity listed in order of viewing date
  4. To remove a particular title, tap on the no sign to the right of the title and that’s it

You can delete the history on the app by opening the profile, tapping on the “Account” section. In this section, tap on your profile and go to the “viewing activity” category. Choose “View”, you will see the title of your viewing. You can simply tap the no sign in front of headings to remove them.

Any title you delete from this viewing history will be removed within 24 hours. After these titles are removed from your viewing history, you won’t see them in the “Recently watched” or “Keep watching” categories on the Home screen until you see them again.

Notably, these titles will still appear in your future recommendations on the app. If you go about this process, it will just remove the title from your profile.

Users can remove the title from the app by tapping the three horizontal dots in the top left corner of the title in the “Continue” category.

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