How to clean your smartphone, other electronic devices after Holi


Holi is near. While we are all busy preparing for the Holi party – food, colours, music – it is also important that we prepare ourselves to keep all our electronic devices, including our smartwatches, earbuds and smartwatches, safe during Holi. . So, here are some tips and tricks that will help you keep your electronic devices safe during Holi. And in case you do get stained with Holi colours, we have listed some tricks that will help you clean your equipment later.

How to keep your smartphone and other devices safe while playing Holi

One of the many ways to keep all of your tools colorful and water-free is to put them inside a ziplock pouch or plastic back. You can still keep essentials like your earbuds and your smartphone with you but adding a layer of cover will keep them clean and dry.

  • You can also try to cover all the ports and openings of your electronic devices using tape. This will prevent dyes and even water from reaching clean areas of your equipment.

Use a screen guard and silicone cover to protect the smartphone. These will also protect it from accidental drops.

How to clean your smartphone and other electronic devices after Holi

One of the easiest ways to clean your smartphone and other electronic devices like earbuds and smartwatches after the Holi party is to dab a soft handkerchief or cotton pad in liquid hand sanitizer and gently rub the paint marks on your phone.

For tough colored stains that won’t go, try using rubbing alcohol instead.

  • Use tape to wipe the paint off the ports and turn off your devices. Wipe it off using liquid alcohol and a handkerchief. This will completely clean out all the ports and openings.

  • When cleaning your smartwatch, you can use rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth to clean the dial and nylon strap, and use a clean cloth to remove the paint from the metal strap.

If your phone falls in water, then put it in a bowl of raw rice. Change its position at regular intervals so that all the liquid can be drained from the device. Do not turn it on as this may cause a short circuit and do not use a blow dryer directly.

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