How to Check Road Toll Price on Google Maps in Few Easy Steps


In April this year, Google Maps announced several new features for the users. One of these features was the toll price estimation. Google Maps has claimed that users will be able to see the amount they will need to spend if they use a particular toll-road. The choices will enable users to make more informed decisions. Additionally, depending on non-toll road conditions and weather, riders may wish to pay a toll tax to avoid congestion and travel delays. The new feature will be helpful in such situations. Additionally, users can also plan roadtrips ahead of time with the right budget along with toll estimations.

Google Maps users will be able to see the estimated toll price to their destination before they start navigating, this will be enabled with the help of information from the local tolling authorities.

Google claims the cost of using the Maps toll pass or other payment methods is based on factors such as what day of the week it is, as well as how much the toll is expected to cost at the specific time you are crossing it. will see. ,

Additionally, users will have the option to select the route without any tolls. When a toll-free route is available, Google will show you that route as an option.

The user can choose to avoid viewing routes with toll roads altogether. To do this you need to tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your directions in Google Maps to see your route options and select ‘Avoid tolls’.

Google had announced that it would roll out this new feature to Android and iOS users for about 2000 toll roads in the US, India, Japan and Indonesia. The list will expand and so will the list of available roads with convenience.

How to Use the New Google Maps Toll Price Feature

Enter the Google Maps App
Enter your start and end destination
then hit the directions
When you swipe up on the Directions page, you will see various sections with a price estimation as well as a ‘Toll Charges’ option.

Google also offers a ‘toll setting’ option under price estimation. There you can also select the option to select ‘Avoid tolls’ option. You will also get a chance to select the option to withhold toll prices.

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