How to Check IMEI Number of Your Android or Feature Phone and iPhone


If you use a phone, whether it’s an Android device, an iPhone, or a not-so-smart feature phone with a T9 keypad, the IMEI number is what identifies your phone (GSM-based). This is a term you may have seen during support sessions with your carrier’s customer executive, when your phone is lost or stolen, or when you try to sell your phone. The bottom line is the IMEI, which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, is required for your phone to be legally required to provide services to you.

but how do you check IMEI your phone number? This may sound like a question with an easy answer. Well, that is, unless you ever paid attention to the IMEI of your phone. This could be because you have never come across a situation where your phone’s IMEI number is required. But it helps to know as important information as your phone’s identity. While the IMEI number is hard to be on the tip of your tongue, the process to find it is very simple.

Here’s how you can check your phone’s IMEI number.

— On any GSM phone (CDMA phone does not have IMEI), open the dialer.

Now type *#06# on the numeric keypad.

  • As soon as you type the last #, your phone’s IMEI number will pop up on the screen.

Phones that support two SIM cards have two IMEI numbers – one for each SIM slot, but only the last few digits between them. Rest of the IMEI number remains same for one phone. When your phone is lost or stolen, either IMEI number is eligible to be given to law enforcement officers. Or, when you need to sell or buy a used phone.

While the above process is simple, there are other ways to find out IMEI number as well. Most phones today, including all smartphones, come with an “About Phone” section. Navigate to that section on your phone and you’ll see your phone’s IMEI number right there. In phones with removable batteries, the IMEI number is written on the inside of the phone under the battery. The IMEI number is mentioned on the retail box of your phone as well as in the invoice.

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