How to check if your phone is infected with malware?

How to find out if your phone is infected with malware?

Computer viruses are a common occurrence but they are also susceptible to your pocket computer. Critic coders use malicious software to steal valuable information from your phone and sell it on the Dark Web to generate revenue. Phones are vulnerable to damage both internally and externally. But internal damage usually comes in the guise of apps, ads, etc. As Norton mentioned, rogues use ransomware to lock devices and encrypt personal information.

While most believe that Android devices are extremely vulnerable to malware, a penny report dismissing the misconception reveals that there is a proliferation of malicious apps that pose a serious threat to the iPhone as well. But how do you know if your phone has a virus? Although there is no simple answer to this, antivirus companies suggest that malware ‘repeatedly does things that could take over your device’. Here are some important signs that your phone may be infected with malware.

Signs that your phone has malware

  • Fast data usage as viruses try to run many background tasks and ‘communicate’ with the Internet.

Batteries drain quickly because malicious apps consume a lot of power.

-Suspicious pop-up ads are another sign of the virus. Although there are pop-up ads on several sites, lots of offensive ads are not a healthy sign for the device.

The weird look of the new app on the home screen that you just tested in the App Stores. These new apps, which appear unexpectedly, may contain malware.

-A performance downturn is another indication that your device is corrupted by malware.

Tips to fix your mobile if infected with a virus

If any of these symptoms enter your phone, here’s what you can do to fix it.

-Check for recently installed apps, if a particular app has received a low number of downloads and bad reviews, it is recommended to remove that app.

-Some malware can be hidden in your browser. In that case you should clear the cache in your phone settings.

-Another best practice is to install authentic antivirus software that can scan your device for any malicious applications.

-If none of the above helps to reduce battery / data discharge or improve performance, the last resort would be a factory reset. But before you start the process make sure that all your important files are saved from the device.

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