How to check if someone has blocked your phone number


You are calling and messaging but there is no response from the person? Well, you may actually be blocked by that person. But if you still think it can’t happen, let’s find out.

Calling and messaging are very convenient and have become a norm when you don’t have to travel a long way to meet someone in person. A simple call or quick text will give you information about someone who provides the ability to stay connected anywhere in the world.

However, what if someone blocks you for whatever reason? This may not sound good, but let us tell you that if you are constantly trying to call or message someone and you are not getting any response, then you may be on that person’s block list.

Now there is no sure way to find out whether that person has blocked you or not, but there is a simple trick that can tell you whether you are blocked or not. We say sure because there may be glitch or some problems with the telecom company or there may be some problems with your or person’s number.

How to know if someone has blocked you

step 1: Open your phone’s dialer and try calling that person.

(You’ve mostly already tried this.)

step 2: If you hear a ring and then it says ‘busy’, you may be blocked. However, you can try calling 2-4 times to confirm if you are indeed blocked. In the first call, you will hear a ring, but on the second, third or fourth time you can hear straight “The number you are calling is busy” without any ringing.

(If you hear ‘Busy’ too many times, you may be blocked.)

step 3: Try and message that person, if he says undelivered or asks you to send voicemail, you are mostly blocked.

Note that this is just a possibility and not a definite confirmation. In fact, there is no way you can know whether that person has blocked you through a message or a note. However, most of the times, if a number is busy, even if you try several times for 2-3 days, you mostly get blocked.

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