How to Change UPI PIN Using Paytm App: Step-by-Step Guide


is i The fastest way to send money to someone. It allows you to transfer up to Rs. 1,00,000 to anyone in a few simple steps. Since it is easier and faster than other payment methods, it is also risky, as it only takes a four or six digit number to transfer funds.

That said, you should keep your UPI PIN or four/six digit number hidden from everyone. But if your UPI PIN has already been tampered with, then you need to change it immediately. In this story, we will show you how you can change your UPI PIN using Paytm app.

How to Change UPI PIN on Paytm without Debit Card

step 1: Open Paytm app on your smartphone.

step 2: Tap on your profile by clicking on the top left corner.

step 3: Scroll down and look for Profile Settings and tap on it.

step 4: Tap on Security & Privacy.

Step 5: Tap Change UPI PIN.

Step 6: Once you follow the above step, you should see all the banks connected with your Paytm app. Simply tap on the bank for which you want to change your UPI PIN. Tap on Change Pin.

Step 7: After clicking on Change PIN, you will receive an OTP, just enter the OTP in the Enter OTP section and below that enter a new UPI PIN.

Step 8: Click submit and confirm again.

Step 9: Finally hit the submit button. Now your UPI PIN should be changed in no time.

How easily you can change your UPI PIN from Paytm without Debit Card.

Apart from Paytm, you can also reset the UPI PIN using other apps like PhonePe and Google Pay. We have created a dedicated post for the Google Pay app, you can read it here. We will soon come up with a post that will show you how to reset your UPI PIN on the PhonePe app.

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