How to book second Covid-1 vaccine appointment through Covin portal

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The first Covid-1 dose has been taken, and the date of the second dose is coming soon? OK, you should book your second vaccine appointment before filling the slot. Everyone wants to get the covid vaccine job as soon as possible, basically before the third wave hits. Experts suggest that the third COVID-19 wave will break in the next few months. The exact deadline has not yet been revealed.

Before hitting the third Covid-1 wave in the country, vaccination is recommended. The Covid-1 vaccine is said to reduce the risk of contracting the virus. Medical experts also suggest that the vaccine reduces the risk of death related to the infamous coronavirus.

Indians are currently receiving three vaccines, including Kovishield, Kovaxin and Sputnik. It should be noted that both vaccines should be given the same vaccine at the time of appointment. For example, if you take a covacin dose during the first vaccine appointment, you will also need to take a covacin jab at the second appointment. There are instances where a person has taken the first dose of covachield and the second dose of covacin. So, be careful!

If you are looking for a second Covid-1j job, here is how you can book your appointment through Covin Portal. See the step-by-step guide.

How to book a second covid vaccine appointment

Step 1: Go to the CoWIN platform or click

Step 2: Click on the Register / Sign In option at the top of the screen

Step 3: Enter your registered phone number

Step 4: OTP will be created and sent to your registered mobile phone

Step 5: Enter OTP

Step 6: The new window will show two options: Dosage 1 and Dosage 2. The page will show that you have been partially vaccinated.

Step 7: Click on the Schedule option next to Dose 1, displayed in red

Step 8: Enter your pincode or select city and district List of vaccination centers with available vaccine doses

Step 9: Coin lets you filter centers by age and cost – paid and free. Select the ones that apply to you.

Step 10: Click in the center and select the time, then tap the Confirm option to book your second COVID-19 appointment.

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