Honda is planning to launch Activa e electric scooter. why over here


Honda Activa is a name that every generation of buyers can be familiar with. The Activa moniker can easily be one of the best selling automotive sub-brands in the history of India. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) is riding the ICE-powered scooter volume with the help of the iconic Activa brand.

The electric scooter market seems to be the fastest growing segment in India and any savvy two wheeler manufacturer would not want to miss out on the trend. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India are no different. The company has finally shown some interest in the Indian electric scooter segment.

HMSI President Atsushi Ogata opened up on the possibility of an EV launch from the company. In an interview with ET Auto, Ogata said “[We are] Able to see a genuine HMSI EV product within the next financial year”.

This new development is in line with previous reports that claimed that the country’s second largest two-wheeler company will enter the electric scooter market in the next financial year.

There is no mention of any new product name. Then why Activa E?

Bajaj Auto reintroduced the iconic Chetak brand in India in the form of an electric scooter. This helped the buyers to get acquainted with the brand. Now Bajaj Chetak EV is available in 20 Indian cities. Its success story is yet to come. However, the Activa has the same brand value and Honda would like to capitalize on it.

Barring Hero Electric, several new electric scooter brands have captured the Indian market. With more and more established brands entering the segment, we can expect even more fierce competition to attract EV buyers. The ‘Activa’ brand will be an instant attraction for the Indian audience. New age brands like Ola Electric, Ather Energy and Okinawa Autotech are also trying to woo the Indian buyers with a plethora of features, futuristic designs and much more. HMSI may be a late entrant in the race but it seems to have something up its sleeve.

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