Hogwarts Legacy gameplay will be shown this week in State of Play: How-To Watch


Hogwarts Legacy has long been a title on many people’s wish lists. Players will eventually get more than just a glimpse into the gameplay. Earlier it was expected that the game would be showcased in the state of play streamed last week. Now, we know why Sony missed out on the Hogwarts legacy. The game is getting an exclusive showcase on March 17th.

how and when to watch

Hogwarts Legacy gameplay will be streamed for a duration of 14 minutes. The entire presentation will last for a total of 20 minutes. Sony and WB Games Avalanche have announced that the game will be streamed in India on March 18 at 5PM Eastern Time or 2:30PM.

Interested viewers will be able to stream the gameplay through Sony’s Twitch and YouTube accounts.

The gameplay will be shot on PS5. However, it will be available on console and PC. Hogwarts Legacy will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC.

The game was scheduled to launch in 2021. However, it was later extended till 2022. The final release date is yet to be announced.

Hogwarts Legacy is based on the same universe as the Harry Potter book and film series. However, the game is set in 1800 which is almost 200 years before Harry and his friends entered Hogwarts. In the game, you will play as a magician who will learn about various magic spells and also deal with some imaginary animals on their journey. We will get a more clear picture about the RPG on March 18 (in India).

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