HMD Global puts an end to Nokia flagship rumours, says it is exiting the category


Launched in 2019, the Nokia 9 PureView was the last flagship smartphone launched by HMD Global. Since then the company has been focusing on releasing low-end and mid-range smartphones. Although, it did not confirm why it was not launching a flagship smartphone, but rumors of a new flagship kept swirling. Now almost three years after not launching a flagship smartphone, the company is finally putting an end to all the rumours. ,

“It doesn’t make sense for us to make an $800 phone at this point in time,” said Adam Ferguson, HMD Global’s head of product marketing. android authorization in an interview.

Having phones in all price brackets was doing the brand very thin, now it has finally made the choice to exit the flagship smartphone market.

Putting an end to all the rumours, the company has made it clear that it will now focus on the entry-level and mid-range smartphone market as well as the occasional feature phone release. The company wants Nokia devices to be known as devices that last for many years, have multi-day battery life and come with an affordable price tag.

The new strategy to focus on entry-level and mid-range smartphones is working well for the company, as it marked its first full year of operating profit. In fact, Q4 2021 was the most profitable quarter in the company’s history.

HMD Global aims to be the market leader for prepaid smartphones in the US by the end of this year. It also plans to split its services into a separate division, which will focus on business users. After it dominates the prepaid smartphone market in the US, it will gradually structure its business in a way that makes sense and that supports the core business.

The company has not said that it will never make a smartphone. However, don’t get your hopes high on seeing a Nokia flagship in the near future.

HMD Global has put an end to rumors of a Nokia flagship, saying it is exiting the range as first appeared on BGR India.

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