Here’s How to Upload Your Podcast to Spotify

Spotify now lets you download albums on desktop app

Spotify has always stated that video podcasts will include original and exclusive content from Spotify. Apart from this, some third party podcasts will also be included in this. But the creators had no way to publish the video. Those who wanted to publish their video podcasts had to move to another platform like YouTube.

Now creators will also be able to upload videos from their accounts through anchors. This will happen exactly as the audio is created and published. Once published, fans can listen to the podcast across the platform. This also includes mobile apps, desktop apps, web players, and most smart TVs and game consoles. Creators will also be able to monetize their video content through subscriptions, just as they can their audio podcasts.

Here’s How You Can Upload Podcasts to Spotify Using Anchor

STEP1: First you have to download the Anchor app in your smartphone, or you can also click on world Wide Web. anchor,

STEP2: Now, set up your account

STEP3: Upload the podcast episode of your choice

STEP4: Add title, description and upload your channel art.

STEP5: After adding the given details, tap on the Publish Now option.

STEP6: In the next step you have to type your podcast name and give a short description.

STEP7: After filling all the details click on Publish my Podcast option.

STEP8: You can check the delivery status the next day.

STEP9: Once your podcast is approved, it will start showing up on Spotify in a day or two.

STEP10: Whenever you upload a new episode on your hosting platform, it will automatically go live on Spotify in 10 minutes.

Here’s How You Can Watch Video Podcasts on Spotify

If you want to watch video content on Spotify, you’ll need to navigate to the episode page of the show you want to watch. After this you have to click or tap on ‘Play to Episode’. You can watch videos in full-screen mode from the play bar at the bottom of the screen. Next, you can choose to listen or watch the program.


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