Here’s How Much Apple CEO Tim Cook Earned in 2021


Apple, one of the world’s largest tech companies, announced how much its CEO Tim Cook was paid in 2021 in the latest Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing. It should be noted that a cook’s salary per year includes things like security and private flights.

According to the latest SEC filings, Apple CEO Tim Cook earned a total of $98.7 million (which is approximately INR 733 crores in INR), which includes basic salary, stock and other compensation. Earnings of $98.7 million is much higher than Tim Cook’s salary of around $14 million (approximately Rs 104 crore) in 2020.

According to SEC filings, Cook earned $3 million (about Rs 22.30 crore) in base salary, plus $12 million (about Rs 89.20 crore) to meet the company’s financial and environmental sustainability goals.

In addition, Cook received compensation of $1.39 million (translating to Rs 10.33 crore), including $712,488 for private jet travel, $630,630 for security, $23,077 for vacations and $17,400 in his 401(k) plan. Contribution is included. The company said it does not allow its CEO to fly commercial aircraft for security reasons. The Apple CEO also earned around $82.5 million (translating to about Rs 613 crore) in stock awards.

The Cupertino-based tech giant posted significant growth in 2021, the filing said. The company has reported nearly 33 percent in sales and $365 billion in revenue growth.

“It has been a remarkable decade for Apple and in 2021 Mr Cook was given an equity award for the first time since he was promoted to CEO in August 2011,” the filing quoted Apple.

The tech giant recently became the first company to reach a $3 trillion valuation.

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