Have you seen the iPhone 13 in Ted Lasso without any notches? Do not raise your expectations

Seen iPhone 13 on Ted Lasso with no notch? Do not get your hopes high

In recent episodes of Apple TV + hit Ted Lasso, the technology-conscious Internet has gone crazy for a unique philosophy. The show features an actor using the unseen form of the iPhone; IOS 1 of has wallpapers but no display notch. Although Apple has been silent on the issue, many are beginning to wonder what the 2021 iPhone might look like.

These weird iPhones were seen in the sixth season of Ted Lasso, which is in its second season. So far, the makers of the show have showcased several Apple products, including the iPhone and Apple Watch models. However, they do not have a display notch on this unique iPhone, which has led many to bring out the magnifying glass. There were at least two instances where no grooveless iPhone was seen.

IPhone 13 without any groove?

Of course, Apple fans took to Twitter to share screenshots of these exact instances when these unique iPhones were visible. However, if you look closely, you can definitely find out the special effects in the workplace. The phones shown here are older iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 models, courtesy of the modified front of the CGI.


We’ve seen several CGI versions of the notch-free iPhone in various commercials and movies in the past. What amazes Apple fans is why the launch of the iPhone 13 series is nearing completion. Does Apple want to do some teasing before Tim Cook comes on stage in the next few weeks?

In reality, Tipstar and analysts are hoping for an iPhone design that reduces the size of the display groove, not removing it completely. Apparently, Apple has found a way to stick the earpiece at the top end, which allows them to reduce that space in the groove. The iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini and Pro models are expected to feature this rebuilt groove design.

While Apple has been living in the past with its huge groove design, its rivals from the Android universe have long been free of grooves. Flagships like the OnePlus 9 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, Vivo X60 Pro +, Oppo Find X3 and Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra have only a small cutout for the front camera.

Xiaomi has even used an under-display camera technology in the latest Mi MIX 4 smartphone, which provides uninterrupted viewing experience without missing the front camera.

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