Have any old CDs or DVDs lying around? Try Making This DIY Hologram Projector


Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently inaugurated a new statue of Subhas Chandra Bose, except that it was not an actual statue. Some would argue, an even better thing, a hologram. The hologram statue will eventually be replaced by a granite one. The present virtual statue is placed in the same place where the original work of art will be placed.

Wondering what a hologram really is?

Holograms have been a part of science-fiction movies for a long time. The technology looks like something that uses super-advanced technology. Many of us have also seen this in Marvel movies where Tony Stark keeps playing with his holographic computer. Although it looks very futuristic, the concept behind it is very simple.

how does it work?

The basic concept behind holograms is refraction. Light is refracted in such a way that the image looks like a 3D image, in some cases, a moving image. The new Subhas Chandra Bose hologram uses some state-of-the-art projectors but that setup is also based on the same principle.

In almost all hologram setups, there is a light source that emits an image that is refracted by a nearly transparent object. This transparent object can be a thin sheet of glass or even transparent plastic.

Can I make one at home?

You will be surprised to know that you hardly need anything special for a DIY hologram projector. Here are the ingredients:

  • an old CD/DVD
    -a ruler
    -a marker
    -a cutter
    -a nail polish remover and a cotton swab or piece of cloth
    -a strip
    -and yes, a smartphone

how to make it?

Take an old CD or DVD first, the better the condition of the disc, the better quality hologram you will get. Then take the cutter and try to separate the two layers of plastic that make up the CD.

Once you have removed it, take the transparent side of the CD and clean it with nail polish remover to get rid of the residual film. You will end up with an almost transparent film.

Now it gets a bit complicated. Simply take the CD and mark out four identical pieces in the shape of a trapezoid. The bottom and top of the cut-out should be flat. Make sure the sizes are measured to be exactly the same.

Once you have all four trapezium shaped pieces on hand, just use transparent tape to connect all four pieces, you will get a shape that looks like a pyramid without the top vertex.

You then need to open a video on your smartphone to create a holographic image. The next step is the simplest. Simply place your creation on the screen and enjoy the science-fiction inspired hologram.

Watch the video below for reference. You can try placing the 3D Traparium on the screen after playing the second video.

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