Gurgaon woman traces stolen phone with smartwatch


People these days have become quite tech-savvy and mostly use gadgets like smartwatches. Recently, a Gurgaon woman was able to track her phone snatcher with the help of her smartwatch. The smartphone was snatched from her while she was grocery shopping.

Woman caught mobile thief by tracking phone with smartwatch

Pallavi Kaushik, 28, a resident of Palam Vihar Sector 28, was shopping grocery at HUDA Market at around 6 pm on August 28. When she was making UPI payment in a store, a man was looking at her shoulder from behind. He immediately picked up the phone and ran away. According to the FIR, Kaushik created an outcry in public, but none of the onlookers reacted to the situation.

He followed her for some distance, but he managed to escape. This happened when Kaushik started tracking the phone’s location through his smartwatch. The smartwatch indicated that the smartphone was within radius. After wandering for about three hours and tracking down the phone, Kaushik saw the thief sitting on a motorcycle using his phone.

For the unaware, most smartwatches on the market these days come with a feature called “Find My Phone” that helps them track the location of the connected smartphone in case it goes missing.

She immediately ran up to the man from behind, punching him in the head. The man reportedly ran away but dropped the phone in haste. Kaushik got his smartphone but unfortunately, the thief already managed to transfer Rs 50,865 from his bank account to other accounts using his UPI PIN.

Later, Kaushik lodged a complaint with the Palam Vihar police station regarding the incident.

The post of a Gurgaon woman locating a stolen phone with a smartwatch first appeared on BGR India.

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