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GTA new features have been leaked online, possibly with a unique theme

GTA 6 new features leaked online, likely to get a unique theme

Still a few years away from witnessing the official release of GTA 6, every other week a new leak of the GTA franchise’s next-genre action game is published online. The map at the center of the rumor was the favorite talking point of all time, the famous tracker Tom Henderson gave some new details.

The GTA 6 may feature a unique theme, possibly with two heroes

Notable leaker Tom Henderson has suggested that GTA 6 could display a cryptocurrency-like theme. Although several reports have mentioned that a single hero could be found in the next game of GTA, the leaker, rejecting previous reports, now reveals that GTA 6 will get both a female and a male hero.

“I recently heard that some missions will reward you in Bitcoin instead of cash for completing some missions in GTA in. Adding brokers for different cryptocurrencies will bring back the features of the stock market, ”said Tom.

Putting this aside, the next general technology of the GTA 6 is thought to have been teased by Rockstar Games. According to a comic book report, Rockstar Games mentioned during the recent GDC 2021 presentation that it is exploring machine learning methods. That said, the developers have announced that the horse has more than 3,000 animations across 23 unique movement styles. Reports suggest that Rockstar Games may raise the bar again after major changes with Red Dead Redemption 2.

According to previous leaks, GTA 6 could introduce a map of modern-day Vice City and will probably be based in Miami. The game is codenamed ‘Project Americas’ and features Vice City and Rio de Janeiro. Meanwhile, a screenshot of the ‘sixth installment’ of the GTA franchise published on the internet earlier this month shows a player flying somewhat Cropdaster aircraft over Vice City. Clearly, the developers are working on the ongoing fraud issue in GTA Online. The next action-adventure game from Rockstar Games is widely expected by the end of 2025.

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