Government reportedly planning to conduct quarterly compliance review of social media companies in India


The government is planning to tighten the noose on social media companies in India. According to a report, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is planning to conduct a quarterly review of Social Media Intermediaries (SSMI) and Internet companies operating in India. The intention is to assess and ensure whether these companies are complying with the country’s Information Technology Rules, 2021.

According to the Economic Times, the quarterly review will focus on compliance with standards such as the number of complaints received and complaints received and how many of them were resolved by the resident chief compliance officer.

“The idea of ​​the audit is to ensure that intermediaries, whether they are important social media intermediaries or not, are adhering to IT regulations in letter and spirit. So now we will also conduct quarterly audits.

Existing IT Rules

The current scope of IT regulations does not include any compliance checks. The Ministry does not conduct any review under Section 69A of the IT Act. However, the report noted that senior officials from critical and non-critical social media intermediaries meet with the IT ministry every fortnight to discuss compliance with the government’s emergency orders. In addition to these meetings there will be quarterly reviews, as well as monthly compliance reports that companies have already filed.

The IT Rules of 2021 state that every social media intermediary must disclose the number of user complaints and complaints in a clear and legible report. They will also have to disclose the categories of complaints and the action taken against them. The report further said that companies like Google, Meta and Twitter are close to finalizing their recommendation of a self-regulatory body to the IT ministry. The said body will have a panel headed by a retired Chief Justice or a Supreme Court judge or a High Court judge.

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