Government of India to approve Spacecom Policy 2020 by April: Report


The Indian government may approve the much-awaited Indian Spacecom Policy 2020 by April this year. Indian Space Association (ISpA) Director General Lt Gen Anil Bhatt told ET Telecom in an interview that the draft Indian space com policy is expected to be submitted to the Space Commission soon, after which the Union Cabinet is expected to submit its approval. Is. In late March or early April.

He also said that the draft Spacecom policy is expected to outline the permissions, authorizations and licenses that companies will need from the Department of Space, Department of Telecommunications and the Indian National Center for Space Promotion and Authorization (IN-SPAC). Satellites operate internet services in India.

Speaking on the government’s decision to stop Elon Musk’s Starlink from accepting pre-orders in India, Bhatt said, “We do not think the Starlink issue will affect FDI inflows into the country”. He said that the government is treating all domestic and international companies equally. The list includes Bharti Airtel backed OneWeb, Jio, SES, Telsat, Starlink and more.

ISPA relies on the Indian government to provide subsidies to help the booming spacecom industry. It is also relying on the Department of Telecommunications to help with the allocation of spectrum for the deployment of broadband services in India.

What is India’s Spacecom Policy 2020?

India’s Spacecom Policy 2020 aims to lay down norms, guidelines and procedures, including approval mechanisms, for providing secure communications in India. With this policy the government aims to “meet the growing demands of the nation’s space-based communication needs and advances in technologies relevant to self-reliance in the commercial, secure and social sectors.”

The policy will essentially provide a framework for companies operating in the Spacecom domain to launch space broadband services in India through Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium-Earth Orbit (MEO). In contrast, SATCOM services in India are currently using Geostationary Satellite (GEO).

In fact, Spacecom Policy 2020 will pave the way for more effective and more comprehensive broadband services deployment in India.

Now, the Indian government is planning to auction 28GHz spectrum for 5G spectrum in India. However, the news has been met with apprehensions by the industry body and telecom operators as the system is complex and costly despite being more efficient. While Jio urged telecom bodies in the country to support the sale of 28GHz spectrum in the auction, ISpA and other telecom operators opposed the call.

Indian government to approve Spacecom Policy 2020 by April: report first appeared on BGR India.

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