Google’s next Nest Hub smart display may come with a detachable screen


Google has so far launched two generations of smart displays in the market. The company is planning something different for the third generation of the device. Word is that Google is working on a new Nest Hub smart display that comes with a detachable screen.

9To5 Google reports that the company’s next-generation smart display will come with a ‘dockable tablet form factor’, with the screen detaching itself from the base, which will also dubbed as a smart speaker.

It is unclear which operating system Google will be using to power its upcoming Google Nest smart display. Until last year, the second generation Google Nest Hub smart display ran the company’s Cast operating system which was based on Linux OS. However, the company updated it to the mysterious Fuchsia OS in August last year. It is possible that Google will ship its third generation Nest Hub with the same Fuchsia OS. Alternatively, it is also possible that the company will ship the smart display with its Android OS, which will not only open the door to the Play Store and a variety of apps, but it will also pave the way for using the display separately as a tablet. Will pave , Google’s Chrome OS is another OS the company could choose from but the publication notes that it could prove less power efficient and more expensive, especially for pocket-friendly Nest Hub devices.

It also remains to be seen what design Google chooses for the docking system that will connect the tablet to the speaker on the base. In any case, Google has enough examples to draw inspiration. Lenovo has already toyed with this idea in its Smart Tab M10, which is essentially a tablet that comes with a smart charging station. It holds the tablet upright while charging, which turns it into a smart speaker with a screen. It remains to be seen whether Google opts for a similar design language.

As far as availability is concerned, the publication says that Google is expected to launch the device sometime in 2022.

Google’s next Nest Hub Smart Display could come with a detachable screen that first appeared on BGR India.

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