Google’s new Chromebook features make connecting to Android phones easier


Google has rolled out a massive update to its Chrome OS that brings a slew of new features to Chromebooks. While some of these features were announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, others were recently announced at the company’s developers conference, Google I/O 2022. Now, months later, Google has finally started rolling out some of the features. that it announced the qualified equipment at these events.

So, here are all the new features coming to Chromebooks in the coming days:

Access your recent photos

Google introduced a new functionality called Phone Hub on Chromebooks last year. The Phone Hub is essentially a built-in Control Center that lets users answer text messages, check their phone’s battery, and turn on tethering from their Chromebook, among everything else. Now, Google has rolled out an update to the Chromebook’s Phone Hub functionality, giving users instant access to the latest photos captured on their phones, even when they’re offline.

“After you’ve taken a picture on your phone, it will automatically appear within the Phone Hub under “Recent Photos” on your laptop. Simply click on the image to download it, then add it to a document or email Ready to go,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Use Nearby Sharing with a Chromebook

Another feature coming to Chromebooks is the ability to use Android phones and Nearby Share to securely connect a Chromebook to any saved Wi-Fi network.

To use this feature, go to the Internet settings page on your Android phone, select ‘Wi-Fi networks’ and then select ‘Share’. After that, tap the ‘Nearby’ tile under QR Codes and select the Chromebook you want to get online. Google says that in doing so, Nearby Share will deliver Wi-Fi credentials, including the network name and password, and the Chromebook will automatically connect to Wi-Fi. “And, of course, the next time the Chromebook needs to use that Wi-Fi network, it will save that too,” the company added in the post.

Connecting Headphones to Chromebook

Google also said that it will be rolling out a new functionality called ‘Fast Pair’ for Chromebooks later this summer. This feature will make it easier for users to sync their headphones or other compatible accessories to their Chromebook.

Once this feature is available, all users need to do is turn on Bluetooth on their Chromebook, and it will automatically detect when a new pair of Bluetooth headphones is on, nearby, and ready to be set up. Google says a pop-up notification will appear and with a single tap, users’ new accessories will be connected and ready to go.


Finally, Google has started rolling out the built-in Screencast app to Chromebooks. Google announced this app last month and it lets anyone record, trim and automatically share uploaded videos to Google Drive. Google says the Screencast app will start rolling out to Chromebooks this week.

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