Google’s dark mode is finally black


Google has implemented a new dark mode color scheme according to 9to5google, According to the report, Google’s dark mode now has a pitch-black background instead of the old gray version. The new background color has a color scheme hash code (#000000), which will show up beautifully on OLED and AMOLED displays.

Google announced the wide availability of its Dark Mode earlier this month. However, the rollout has been slow. according to 9to5google Reportedly, some users had received the new theme but later lost it.

The report further states, the homepage is unchanged and still uses a light gray colour. Inside the quick settings panel you will find that the new black theme is now shown as “Dark Theme”. It looks like Google will keep the old dark theme as a user-selectable option.

How to Activate Dark Mode in Google

  • Open and then select the gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Now choose the Dark Mode option inside the Quick Settings panel.
  • With that you are done, now Google and its products will be displayed in dark mode provided it has been rolled out for you.

This new dark mode will help those with AMOLED and OLED displays save battery life, as OLED and AMOLED displays turn off the pixels that show black. This helps save battery, and renders deep blacks as well.

Google’s dark mode post has finally gone black which first appeared on BGR India.

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