Google will soon let you play games while they get downloaded on Android 12

Google will soon let you play games while they get downloaded on Android 12

Google is working to make mobile gaming easier than ever. Hence, it has announced a new feature at its Game Developer Summit that will help people get a taste of a game before it is even downloaded.

The “Play as you download” feature will soon reach Google’s next-gen Android 12 version and eventually to many Android users out there. Here’s all you need to know about the new feature.

Google’s “Play as you download” now official

As one can infer from the name, the feature will let people play a game while it gets downloaded. It will be integrated into Android 12‘s core and will download the initial bits of the supported game to download the rest of the elements later.

Google is said to increase the download speed of such apps by up to two times and will take half the time for users to start playing a game that weighs around 400MB.

Image: Android Developers Blog

It is suggested that the games that can make use of the feature will get a lightning icon. Once a user taps on the Install option to get the game, the usual downloading process begins. But this time, the game will become playable within a few seconds. Tapping on the Play option will let you play it while it gets fully downloaded in the background.

This comes after Google introduced a similar feature called Google Play Instant. While it follows the same ideology of letting people use an app instantly, there’s a difference. This feature allows people to try on an app before downloading it so that people can then download it if they like it.

One thing worth noting is that the feature will reach Android 12 users once it becomes available for the general audience. By then, we can expect the feature to be more refined and support more games on the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, Google is also working on reducing the app download sizes for an improved user experience.

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