Google Will Soon Help You Understand Doctor’s Handwriting Better: Here’s How


Doctor’s handwriting is difficult to read. And often people either end up in misunderstanding or do not understand the instructions and medicines prescribed by the doctor. To address this issue, Google, at the eighth edition of its annual Google 2022 event, announced a feature that will help users understand doctor’s handwriting easily.

The company today announced a ‘state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning model’ that can help users identify and highlight drugs within handwritten prescriptions. The company said the new feature “will serve as an assistive technology for digitizing handwritten medical documents, adding people like pharmacists to the loop.”

The demo of the feature shown by the company at the event shows that to use this feature, users will have to scan their doctor’s prescription using a special tool in Google Lens. Once they do, Google will use AI and ML to show them all the drugs listed in the scanned document along with their description, directions to use, composition and side effects. The tool also includes a speaker button so users can learn how it is pronounced when they go to the pharmacist, as well as a button at the bottom that will help them find the drug on Google Search.

While Google shared a demo of the feature at today’s event, it also said that this new “system is currently under development” and that it will share details related to its wider rollout in the future.

In addition, Google announced a partnership with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). As a part of this partnership, a team of researchers from IISc will collect anonymised speech data from people across 773 districts of India, as a part of the project “Discovery in Gender and Age across a Range of Educational and Socio-Economic Backgrounds”. Reflects diversity” ‘Vaani’. This data will then be used by small and large developers and startups to create technology that mirrors the way every Indian speaks their local language.

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