Google, Vodafone team up to increase battery life of Wear OS smartwatches


Vodafone is working with Google to increase the battery life of smartwatches by reducing “chatter” between the device and the network, a larger drain of energy than screen brightness, and other settings targeted by low power mode Can you

Vodafone’s director of network architecture, Santiago Tenorio, said the mobile operator has developed an API (application programming interface) that enables apps like Google Android’s Wear OS and operating systems to reconfigure how they work with their network. How do you communicate?

How will Vodafone and Google’s partnership work?

“With wearables like smartwatches and other devices, battery life is incredibly important to our users,” the companies said in a joint statement on Thursday.

“That’s why the Android team at Vodafone and Google are collaborating to improve the battery life of Wear OS by Google watches.”

Tenorio said it was testing changes such as having the watch connect to the network instead of continuously connecting to the network and releasing the channel.

Given the small size of batteries in smartwatches, changing these parameters could increase the life of the device “very significantly”, he said.

He said there was a cost in performance but the API could have saved users enough power to last for a long time.

The technology stems from Vodafone’s involvement in a 2017 project with elite runner Kenenisa Bekele to break the two-hour marathon barrier.

Tenorio said the amount of data transmitted by the sensors in the effort drained the smartwatch’s battery in less than an hour.

“Bekele was fast, but he wasn’t that fast,” he said. “In a few years we were able to extend (battery) life to three and a half hours.”

The technology could become available in Wear OS in the coming months, he said, adding that “many more” wearable partners were interested in the API.

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