Google unveils Android 13 Go version for budget smartphones: See details


Google unveiled the Android 13 mobile operating system in August this year. Now, months later, the company has unveiled the Android 13 Go Edition mobile operating system that will power nearly 250 million budget smartphones worldwide.

The newly launched Android 13 Go Edition mobile operating system brings several major updates over its predecessor, i.e. Android 12 Go Edition. While the latter focused on improving the fundamentals, including longer battery life, faster app launches and easier app sharing options, the former focuses on making budget smartphones smart.

With Android 13 Go Edition, Google is bringing the Google Play system update to the budget smartphone. This feature will ensure that budget smartphones can regularly receive important software updates outside major Android releases. Simply put, with Google Play system updates, Google will be able to deliver critical software and security updates to supported devices through Google Play, without having to wait for the user to download and install the update.

“This will make the delivery of critical updates quick and simple without compromising on the storage availability on the device. The result is a phone that stays up to date over time – and you don’t have to wait for the next release or a software push from your phone’s manufacturer for the latest and greatest,” Google explained in a blog post.

The Android 13 Go version also comes with a new ‘Discover’ form of ‘Built-in Intelligence’ that will enable users to swipe right from their home screen to view a curated list of articles and other content.

That said, one of the most interesting features coming to Android Go Edition devices is the company’s Material U theme – something that was missing in the Android 12 Go version. With this update, the Android 13 Go Edition smartphone will get the same design aesthetics as other Android powered devices.

Google wrote, “This new release brings you Material to Android Go for the first time, so you can customize the color scheme of your entire phone to coordinate with your wallpaper.”

“When you set your wallpaper image, you will see four respective color schemes to choose from. In addition to creating a beautiful home screen, dynamic color really helps to make your smartphone feel unique to you,” the company said. Told.

Additionally, the Android 13 Go edition operating system brings some of the key features of Android 13 such as notification permissions and app language preferences to the budget smartphone.

Google hasn’t specified system requirements, says Esper editor Mishaal Rahman Told That Android 13 Go version requires at least 2GB of RAM and 16GB of flash storage, which is a major step up from the 1GB RAM requirement of the Android 11 Go version and Android 12 Go version OS.

Android 13 Go version availability

Google has said that Android 13 Go Edition OS will arrive on all supported devices in 2023.

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