Google search to get GPT-style conversational AI: Sundar Pichai


Shortly after Microsoft demonstrated ChatGPT to the world, Google unveiled its own large language model (LLM)-based AI called Bard. Since then, Microsoft has integrated Bard into its search engine, Bing. It has also opened up a more advanced version of the original ChatGPT to the public, including people in India. Google, on the other hand, has started selectively giving access to Bard. And while it has already mentioned that it will bring Bard to its flagship product, Google Search, ‘soon’, the exact use-case and timeline are not yet clear. But now, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet Inc and Google, has revealed what the company has in mind for Bard and Search.

In an interview with The WallStreet Journal, Pichai revealed that Google is planning to bring GPT-style conversational AI to Google Search. “Will people be able to ask Google questions in the context of search and engage with the LLM? Absolutely,” Google CEO Said in an interview.

He also said that Google is testing several different ways that LLM can be used to be integrated into search. One approach the company is considering would be allowing users to ask follow-up questions to their original questions. But there is much research to be done before a more calibrated solution is revealed to the public.

When asked why Google didn’t release the chatbot earlier, Pichai said the company had always planned to do so but was waiting for the right time. “We were iterating to ship something, and maybe the timing has changed given the moment in the industry,” he said.

During the conversation, he also dismissed the fact that the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), especially in forms such as ChatGPT and Bard, hurts its core advertising business and search, which make up a major portion of the company’s revenue. Is. “The opportunity space, if anything, is bigger than ever,” he said.

Going forward, the CEO of Alphabet Inc hopes that technology, especially AI-based models, will become accessible to smaller companies and developers as well and useful to end users.

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