Google Search offers up a special Diwali 2022 Easter Egg


Google Search may give you precise answers to your questions or solve your homework, but it has also created a synergy for throwing Easter eggs on special occasions. One of these is Diwali, which will come next week. In the build-up to the festival, Google introduced a special Easter egg, which I certainly liked. Google India earlier this week announced the new Search Easter Egg on Twitter, without revealing what it is. It only asked users to search “Diwali” on the Google website or app. I did just that and here is what I found.

When you type “Diwali” and hit the search button, Google will bring up information about the festival on your screen in a snippet. On a mobile device, you’ll see Lamp (earthen lamp) inside the snippet on the right, while on the desktop version, Lamp Right next to it is where it says “Diwali” and “Festival”. This lamp is animated, but there’s more. You click or tap on the lamp to reveal the Easter egg. Lamp The screen starts running while eight more such lamps (in different sizes) appear on the screen. You can move the lamp using the mouse on the desktop and your finger on the screen of the mobile phone. Your goal is to light all the lamps to reveal what a constellation of lit lamps looks like.

Diwali Easter Egg on Desktop.

The Easter Egg has nice animations and also represents Google’s efforts towards making the search website more attractive for India. Google will keep this cool new animation for Diwali 2022 searches until sometime after the festival takes place, but there’s no exact date for when it will end.

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Diwali Easter Egg on App.

Diwali is one of the few festivals for which Google makes special animations. On the occasion of Holi – the festival of colors widely celebrated in India and some other parts of the world – earlier this year, Google placed a water balloon right next to information about the festival in a snippet. By tapping or clicking on the balloon, the color of Holi symbol will be printed on the screen.

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