Google rolls out Magic Compose beta to help you compose and rewrite messages: Here’s how to enable and use it


After unveiling it at Google I/O 2023, Google has finally started rolling out Magic Compose beta, which uses generative AI to help users compose test messages. Magic Compose is currently rolling out on a priority basis to premium Google One subscribers in the US, who are also part of the Messages beta program on the Play Store.

Magic Compose is available for RCS conversations in the Messages app. Beta users, for whom this feature has been rolled out, need to enable it from the Settings menu of the app. They can use this feature to chat or rewrite their message in different voices and styles.

Magic Compose can be accessed by tapping on the pencil icon next to the typed message and users can re-compose the message in seven styles including Remix, Excited, Chill, Shakespeare, Lyrical, Formal and Short.

Before starting to use this feature, users should note that Google sends up to 20 users’ last messages, including emoji, reactions, and URLs, to its servers to generate the response, which means it uses end-to-end encryption. can break. The company said it does not store the messages or use them to train its machine-learning models.

“Messages with attachments, voice messages, and images are not sent to Google servers, but image captions and voice transcriptions may be sent,” Google said.

Google first rolled out end-to-end encryption for its Messages app in 2020 and expanded it to group chats in 2022. The edge

How to Enable and Use Magic Compose

Step 1: Open the Google Messages app.

Step 2: Open or start an RCS conversation.

Step 3: Click on Message suggestions.

Step 4: Click to Join Magic Compose try it and tap to turn off Magic Compose no, thanks,

Step 5: Click rewrite suggestions icon to bring up the style options.

Step 6: Click on a style to bring up rewrite suggestions.

Step 7: Select the suggestion you want to use. Editing the message is optional.

Step 8: Click Send,

Meanwhile, Google has announced that it is starting to let the public access Search Labs. This is a new initiative from Google that allows for early testing of experiments before they become widely available.

If an interested user has already joined the Google Search Labs waiting list, he or she will be notified via email when they can try the Labs experiment, which includes the search generative experience, code tips, and sheet Add to includes.


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