Google removes 93,067 bad content in India


Google has announced that it has removed 93,067 bad content based on user complaints in February. That’s less than the 1,04,285 pieces of bad material that the search giant removed back in January.

Google in its monthly report on compliance with the new India IT Rules 2021 disclosed that it had received a total of 30,065 complaints from users in India in February. Complaints were related to third party content that users consider to be in violation of local laws or personal rights.

“Complaints include different categories. Some requests may allege infringement of intellectual property rights, while others claim violations of local laws restricting types of content on grounds such as defamation,” Google said in a statement.

Based on the complaints, Google removed a total of 93,067 content under several categories, including copyright, trademark, court order, graphic sexual content, circumvention, and more. In addition, the search giant claims to have removed 3,38,938 content as part of automatic detection in February. This number has also seen a drop, given that the search giant removed 4,01,374 pieces of content as part of automated search in January.

“In addition to what our users report, we invest heavily in fighting harmful content online and use technology to identify and remove it from our platform,” Google said in its monthly compliance report. “This includes using automated identification processes for some of our products to prevent the spread of harmful material such as child sexual abuse material and violent extremist material,” it said.

Google along with other large digital and social media platforms are mandated to publish monthly transparency reports as per the Information Technology (Intermediate Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021. In its transparency report, the company will have to provide details of the complaints received. Actions taken to and from users in India as well as removal actions taken as a result of automatic identification.

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