Google releases Chrome milestone update: List of top features, changes


Google is currently rolling out a milestone update to its Chrome web browser in the form of a version 100 update. This update brings many new features, including a new design, logo, features and removal of many unnecessary tools. Here we will take a look at the top key features of Chrome version 100 update.

new icon

The update introduced a new icon for the web browser, which is a simplified version of the existing logo. The new logo has bright colors and no shadows. The blue dot in the middle has also increased in size.

Light Mode has been removed

With the new update, Google has removed Lite Mode for mobile users. It was originally a data saver mode, which would load pages faster and use up to 60 percent less data. The company claims that it has removed the mode as it is not being used as much as data rates are becoming more affordable and internet speeds are increasing.

Introduction to the Multi-Screen Window Placement API

Google Chrome now includes a multi-screen window placement API, which will allow web apps to automatically detect multiple displays and adjust themselves to provide a better user experience.

Content You Integration

The web browser will now support Android 12’s Material U Design in more places. With the update, the Dynamic Color feature will now be used in the overflow menu and settings page of Google Chrome on Android.

shortcut to mute tab

The update adds a new Mute button on the tab, which will allow users to mute audio playing on any website with a single click. However, it will not be enabled by default and Chrome will only show the loudspeaker icon as usual. To enable the feature, users need to go to chrome://flags, then click on the tab Audio Muting UI Control and then enable the toggle.


Google claims to have fixed 28 security flaws to make the browser more secure. Apart from these, the company also says that it has implemented several security fixes for old bugs and issues.

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