Google redesigns Drive for a better tablet experience


Google has been giving Material U makeovers to its family of apps for some time now. More recently, the company added its own Material U design to its Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Translate apps. Now, the company has announced that it is redesigning its Google Drive app to provide a better experience on tablets.

The company is updating its Google Drive app for tablets to make better use of the tablet’s larger screen, the company wrote in a post on its Google Workspace Update blog. “The Google Drive app for tablets went through several modernizations, including relocating the navigation bar to the side, optimizing visual components to take advantage of the larger screen, and making it easier to view file details for a selected file.” the company wrote in a post.

What’s changing with Google Drive

In short, Google has updated the Google Drive app on tablets in such a way that its aesthetic matches the kind of design language that Google has adopted in Gmail on PC and other apps that got content designed by you Is. This means better use of space and a similar design language across its apps.

“We are improving the formatting and customization options for the table of contents in Google Docs. We’re also reorganizing the options included in the Table Properties sidebar in the docs to make it easier for you to find and use table formatting options.”

In this case, Google has added a menu bar on the left that provides access to the hamburger menu and Add New button at the top. These options are followed by the Home, Starred, Shared, and Files options. In the old design, these options were available in the bottom menu bar.

Also, the Suggested and Notifications tabs have been compressed in a way that includes more tiles towards the top of the screen to make better use of the space. Also, the Help, Settings and Profile options have been moved to the top along with the search bar which is located just above the Suggested and Info tabs.

It is worth noting that this design is very similar to the web browser based interface of Google Drive. The only difference between Google Drive’s tablet-based and PC-based interface is that the left-side menu is slightly more detailed as it includes options such as Computer (for syncing with the smartphone app), Recent, Trash, and Storage options. Are included. Also, there are more tiles or files horizontally depending on the available area in the screen. Furthermore, the menu at the top right corner also includes two additional buttons, one of which provides quick access to Google apps, while the other enables the user to toggle offline mode with a single click.

Google Docs redesign accessibility

As far as availability is concerned, Google has already rolled out the update for all its users.

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