Google Pixel Fold likely to launch at Google IO 2023: Everything we know about it so far


Smartphones with foldable displays are in vogue these days, with Samsung being the trendsetter and other smartphone makers following suit. So far, Google hasn’t jumped on the foldable bandwagon, but reports suggest that Google will announce its Pixel Fold during Google I/O 2023 which will be assisted by the Pixel 7A in May. While Google has been tight-lipped about its foldable device so far, the reports have left little to the imagination. Ahead of the official launch, here’s everything we know about Google’s first foldable smartphone.

Everything we know so far about the Google Pixel Fold

google pixel fold name

While Google hasn’t confirmed the name of its foldable smartphone, reports suggest that the phone could be called ‘Pixel Fold’. a report by 9to5google says that the foldable smartphone internally goes by two codenames – “Passport” and “Pipit”. next, one more reports It has been mentioned by the publication that Google may call its foldable smartphone the ‘Pixel Notebook’ to differentiate itself from Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold branding. That said, it is unclear whether the codenames are for two specific devices or one device.

google pixel fold design

As per images received by cnbcThe foldable smartphone will open like a book and have a smaller 7.6-inch tablet-sized screen. The same report also states that the device will weigh around 283 grams.

Based on the concept model, Android Authority reports that each half of the phone could be 5.7mm thick without the camera bump and the thickness increases to 8.3mm with the camera bump. Furthermore, with the handset folded, its thickness is likely to measure around 11.4mm without the camera bump and 14mm with it.

Also, the Pixel Fold could be available in two colors, as reported, black or gray and possibly white 9to5google,

Unofficial renders of the phone shared by John Prosser of Front Page Tech suggest The Pixel Fold may come with a glossy glass back panel, a shiny camera bar, and a centered hole punch camera on the front display. The back of the smartphone is likely to feature a large camera bump that runs along the phone but does not connect to the edges.

google pixel fold screen

Android Authorization The report states that the Google Pixel Fold could feature a flexible panel on the inside made of ultra-thin glass with a maximum brightness of 1200 nits. When closed, the Pixel Fold is expected to sport a 5.79-inch front display with a punch-hole selfie camera.

A report by Android Police mentions that Google will source the next-gen M13 material-based display from Samsung. However, according to Android Authority, Google is reportedly not going to use the most advanced foldable screen technology.

google pixel fold hinge design

According to a video by Youtuber dave 2d, Google is planning to use a teardrop hinge with the possibility of being gentler than the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Through this hinge, Google can provide users with a completely flat device when folded.

a report from cnbc claims that the hinge of the smartphone will be the “most durable hinge on a foldable”.

google pixel fold specifications

According to cnbcGoogle Pixel Fold will be powered by Google’s Tensor G2 chip with a battery that can last for 24 hours or 72 hours in low battery mode.

The smartphone is likely to be offered in 256GB and 512GB variants with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, which also functions as the power button. 9to5google,

google pixel fold pricing

The price of Google Pixel Fold is likely to exceed $1,700 which is approximately Rs 1,40,000.

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