Google Pixel 6a costs Rs 43,999, but here’s how you can save Rs 10,000 on the price


Google Pixel 6a is now available for pre-order in India. Launched at Google I/O in May, the affordable counterpart of the Pixel 6 ends the gap that started after Google’s last phone Pixel 4a in India. But, to the dismay of many who were looking forward to buying the Pixel 6a, the price was not what they expected. According to the leaked price, the price of Pixel 6a is Rs 43,999. To put in perspective, the Pixel 4a was priced at Rs 31,999 at the time of launch in India, so clearly, the price is steep. But Google still wants people to buy its new Pixel phone.

To sweeten the deal – or soften the blow, Google has partnered with Flipkart to roll out a slew of offers on the Pixel 6a. Google claims that if you take the offers – if you are eligible for them, you can get the Pixel 6a for Rs 33,999. This is a direct discount of Rs 10,000 on the listed price of the Pixel 6a, and makes the deal a good one, if not better. But before I tell you the deals, know that deliveries will begin on July 28, so depending on your location, the Pixel 6a may take a while to arrive.

Google Pixel 6a Offers

On Flipkart, you can get a price cut of Rs 4,000 on the Google Pixel 6a using an Axis Bank card. This is an instant discount, so as soon as you choose an eligible card to pay for, Flipkart will revise the final cart price to Rs 39,999. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the offer before opting for it. Not all Axis Bank cards are eligible for the offer.

Now, there is another offer on the Pixel 6a. It’s essentially a bonus over exchanging an old, used phone. Flipkart mentions on its website that if you trade in an older Pixel phone, you get a bonus of Rs 6,000 which will add to the discount on the Pixel 6a. This means that the effective price of Pixel 6a is Rs 33,999. Note that this is a bonus amount, so it will be higher than the price that Flipkart will estimate for your phone.

I tried exchanging my Pixel 4a and got a value of around Rs 10,500, which is not a good return. You might get a better deal elsewhere, but if you don’t, Flipkart has an offer.

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