Google Pay Diwali offer announced in India, know everything here


Google Pay’s annual Diwali offer is back. The company took to Twitter to announce that the ongoing indie-home campaign now has a Diwali surprise. Essentially, Google India is offering up to Rs 200 as prize money to the winners of the game. The new game is a continuation of Google India’s Diwali celebrations in different ways, including both Pay and Search.

According to the Twitter thread, Google Pay users in India will have to open the indie-home chat head to enter the contest. You essentially have to make the floor with your friends. There are rewards for every step of doing so. However, to create floors, you need to do things like pay your contacts, pay using QR codes, and pay bills on Google Pay.

“Build the tallest Diwali fair by 27th October!” The Google Pay app appears on the Indie-Home screen. October 27th is the last date, which is the end of the indie-home offer. Google India also said that only the top 5 lakh teams can earn up to Rs 200. A team consists of you and your friends. But you can also play alone to win less prize money. The prize money of Rs 200 is the maximum amount you can get and you cannot win that money without a team.

When you pay to a friend using Google Pay, you get Rs.30 cashback, while even using the QR code to make the payment, you can win Rs.30. There are other activities that you need to do to be able to earn cashback. The competition will consist of four rounds with ascending difficulty level. For example, the first round will let your team win Rs 50, but the top round will come with a prize of Rs 200. However, Google Pay has not revealed whether the cashback is guaranteed or not.

Google has started offering huge cashback amount as a part of its Diwali celebrations since its launch in India. Past competitions have included activities such as collecting various Diwali-themed stickers. Minimum number of stickers was required to win cashback.

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