Google Meet gets in-meeting responses, PiP mode, and more


As COVID-19 cases decline across the world, many companies are shifting to a hybrid working environment. Amid changing circumstances, Google has released a major update to its video conferencing platform, Google Meet, which aims to make it easier for office goers to collaborate and manage their day-to-day operations.

responses to the meeting

Under this update, Google is giving in-meeting reaction for Meet. In-meeting responses enable Google Meet users to use select emoji, including thumbs up, heart, laugh out loud, thumbs down, surprise, and clap, as a way to respond or give their feedback to other participants. Screenshots of the feature shared by the company show that users will also be able to change these emoji using the Settings menu, which will appear right next to these emoji when they are in a meeting, which appears right next to the screen sharing button. Click on the clock icon. Control on the floor of the ongoing meeting.

Google says these reactions will appear in a participant’s video tile, or if their video tile doesn’t appear it will overflow with their name and will be available for use soon.

pip mode

Another feature that Google is bringing in Google Meet is the support for picture-in-picture mode. In a blog post, Google said it is bringing picture-in-picture to Meet running on the Chrome browser to help presenters and multitaskers see their audience while navigating through different tabs and windows.

Starting April, Google Meet users will be able to view up to four video tiles of meeting attendees in a floating window on top of other apps as they share content or send a message in Gmail. Clicking picture-in-picture will immediately return them to the entire meat session.

Meet in Docs, Sheets and Slides

Google is also bringing Meet directly to Docs, Sheets and Slides in the coming weeks. With this feature, Google Meet users will be able to quickly start a meeting and bring it into a document, spreadsheet or presentation. They will also be able to present this material to all the meeting attendees.

better partner mode

Google has also announced that it is improving Companion Mode, which gives in-room meeting attendees a way to stay engaged using their personal devices while taking advantage of in-room audio and video. The company said that in the coming months, people in conference rooms will also be able to add their own personal video tiles in Companion Mode and from their laptop cameras, making it easier for other attendees to see their expressions and gestures.

Anything elseā€¦

Google also said that later this year, livestream attendees will be able to participate in Q&A and polls. Additionally, the company will enable meeting hosts to stream meetings directly to YouTube from the Meet activities tab. This feature will be available in Meet later this year.

Finally, Google will roll out an update in May this year that will bring optional client-side encryption to Google Meet. “This feature gives our customers direct control of the encryption key and identity provider used to access those keys,” the company wrote.

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