Google Maps gets four new features, but you probably can’t access them yet


Google has rolled out four new features in Google Maps. These new features aim to make it easier for Google Maps users to find their way around the national park and search for things to do based on where they are in the park.

The first feature will let users identify the most popular places in the park, such as attractions, campgrounds, visitor centers and trailheads, with the help of the Google Maps community. When users search for a national park in Maps, they’ll see photo highlights for top attractions in the area. Tapping on any photo will take users to more details about the place including videos and reviews from people who have already visited the place.

The updated Maps will also help users locate new trails in the park. Google says that when users search for a trail, the company will highlight the entire route on a map, helping users see when it starts and ends and what the route looks like. “You’ll see reviews and photos from the Google Maps community,” the company wrote in a blog post, “and we’ll feature useful details from the Maps community such as what type of trail it is, its difficulty and whether it’s for running, walking or bicycling.” better for.

Additionally, the latest update of Google Maps will also help users to get you more accurate directions. The company says that users will see park entrances highlighted on the map later this month. Plus, when users request walking or bicycling directions to a particular trail, Maps will direct them directly to the trailhead.

Lastly, the company is also making available an offline map of a national park in Maps. Users can tap the ‘Download’ button on the Google Maps listing of the park to download it for offline use. “The download button will appear on Park listings later this month,” the company said.

As far as the availability is concerned, these features are only available for Android and iOS users in the US. But the good news is that Google will be rolling out this information to parks around the world in the coming months.

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