Google Lens Search Lands On The Web, Here’s How To Use It


Google has brought the Lens search option to its Search homepage as one of the efforts the company is making to increase adoption of the camera-powered search service.

According to 9to5google, users can “search any image with Google Lens” and “drag an image or upload a file here” by clicking the buttons that appear next to the voice search buttons. Google Search will bring you results about the image and the people or things in it.

“The Google homepage doesn’t change often, but it did. We’re always looking to expand on the types of questions you ask and improve the way you answer them,” said Rajan Patel, vice president of engineering at Google, in a tweet. “Now you can easily ask visual questions from your desktop,” he said.

When you open the Google Search homepage on the web, you now see a four-color camera icon next to the microphone, as does the search bar lens on Pixel phones and the Google Chrome browser. Lens functionality on the web comes with visual match, text and translate tools, while the mobile version gives you the option to scan QR codes, among other things. Google Lens is also likely to get a Scene Exploration feature in the future, which will help your phone recognize and find things in the scene that you are currently viewing.

Google Lens is an image recognition tool that uses visual analysis to identify things and display relevant information about them. The report said that Lens made the switch from mobile devices to the desktop web with Google Photos and later Chrome last year. Back in August, Google Images on desktop websites moved to Lens and it also showed up in the search field on the results page.

Earlier, the tech giant reportedly tested adding Lens to desktop search on the web. According to a report, Lens was primarily a visual lookup tool for mobile devices, but it has reached Chrome. The next expansion could add Google Search Lens to the desktop web.

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