Google is shutting down third-party call recording apps on Android starting May 11


Google has been trying to ban third-party call recording apps on its Android operating system for a long time. With Android 6 Marshmallow, the company did away with the APIs that enable developers to build call recording features into their apps. And with Android 10, the company killed off all the workarounds that developers used to enable the call recording feature in their apps. Additionally, the company also blocked the call recording functionality on the microphone. Now, as a last resort, the company is also phasing out Android’s Accessibility API.

“Accessibility API is not designed and requests for remote call audio recordings cannot be made,” Google wrote In a support page documenting the changes to your developer program policy. This means that Google’s Android mobile operating system will stop supporting recording functionality in apps starting May 11.

In a webinar on YouTube, the company clarified that this change will only affect third-party apps. “Remote call in this context refers to audio recording where the person on the other end is unaware of the recording. Hence, if the app is the default dialer on the phone and is also pre-loaded, the accessibility to gain access to the incoming audio stream The capability is not required and therefore will not be infringing. Since this is a clarification of the existing policy, the new language will be applicable to all apps from May 11,” Google said In the webinar, as reported by XDA Developers.

It is worth noting that in-built apps will not be affected by this change. This means that the in-built call recording apps that are available as part of custom skins offered by companies such as Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Oppo will not be affected by this change.

As far as the change is concerned, it remains uncertain how Google plans to implement this policy. Google hasn’t confirmed whether it will just block the phone or if it will ask app developers to remove its app from the Play Store as the date approaches.

Separately, the company is also planning to introduce a Self-Share feature on Android smartphones that will enable users to share files with their devices using the company’s Near-Share feature without requiring explicit permissions every time. .

Google is shutting down third-party call recording apps on Android starting May 11, first appeared on BGR India.

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