Google introduces its transcription feature for YouTube app users

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Google has introduced a transcription feature for its YouTube app that will provide a transcript of any video on the app. Till now, this feature was available on the YouTube desktop site, where users could easily watch the full transcription of the video they are planning to upload.

Once the video is uploaded to the website, all you need to do is tap on the “Show Transcript” button below the extension of the video and view the transcript of the video. The UI in the app is also almost the same as that of the desktop.

This feature is a server-side update, so if you don’t have the feature yet, you’ll have to wait to get it. This feature was first reported by Android Police, According to the report, mobile app users can scroll through the transcript while watching the video. They can read along to a video or go straight to the timecode with this feature.

YouTube has introduced a new indicator that will show if a channel is live on the platform. When a channel is live-streaming, viewers will now see a ring with the word “Live” around the channel’s profile picture. Users can simply tap on the profile picture to join the live stream. The purpose of this feature is to make it easier for users to see if someone is live-streaming while browsing the channel.

Recently, YouTube shared its roadmap for 2022 where it announced that it would launch a collaborative live streaming featureWhich will allow creators to simultaneously go live and create more interactive streams for their viewers.

One of the key features of this roadmap includes its investment in NFTs. The company also said that it plans to make listening more impactful by using the Metaverse. “The first area in which you can expect to see an impact is gaming, where we will work to bring more interactions into games and make them feel more alive,” said the YouTube executive.

First appeared on BGR India after Google introduced its transcription feature to YouTube app users.

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