Google introduces a new icon, new features for Messages: View details


Google has released a major update to Google Messages – the messaging app that sits in Android smartphones as part of Google’s suite of apps, along with messaging apps by individual original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The update includes a redesigned app icon and several new features.

The old Google Messages icon consisted of a message bubble, while it was placed inside a blue circle. The redesigned app icon design retains the color scheme when changed. The redesigned app icons include overlapping messaging bubbles coming together as one and are a part of the company’s Material U theme.

“Our Phone and Contacts apps will also be updated with the same look and feel to indicate their shared purpose: to help you communicate,” Google wrote in the blog post.

New features coming to Google Messages

Google is bringing a total of 10 new features to Messages. Here is the list:

  • Google is bringing the ability to reply to individual messages in Google Messages. It is very similar to how we reply to messages on WhatsApp or Instagram. The feature requires users to have RCS enabled on their smartphones – a feature that Google and Apple don’t see face-to-face.

Earlier this year, Google started showing emoji reactions from Apple’s iMessage app on Android smartphones. Now, is allowing users to react to SMS messages from iPhone users with emoji. “While RCS is the ultimate solution, we’re doing what we can to help Android users respond consistently to messages,” Google wrote in a blog post.

  • With the Pixel 7 series, Google announced a feature that will enable users to view the transcription of voice messages in the Google Messages app. Today, the company announced that the feature will soon be available on Pixel 6, Pixel 6A, Pixel 6 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Fold4 smartphones.

  • Google is making reminders smart. The company said that if users save these details in their phone’s Contacts app then users will get a reminder about birthdays and anniversaries when they open the Google Messages app.

Additionally, the company said that now, Google Messages users will be able to watch YouTube videos within the Messages app without leaving the app.

  • Messages will now intelligently suggest “star” messages to users that include text such as addresses, door codes and phone numbers to help them easily keep track and find important conversations quickly.

  • Google also said that its Messages app is now “can you talk now?” Recognize such texts. And suggest a meet call by showing an icon right next to the message. It will also suggest adding calendar events to messages like “Let’s meet on Tuesday at 6 PM” to help users stay on top of important events.

The company also said it has started testing a new feature in select countries that will enable users to chat with businesses that users find on Google Search and Google Maps via Direct Messages.

— Google Messages no supports multiple devices, from Android smartphones to Chromebooks to smartwatches.

Lastly, Google said it has partnered with United Airlines to offer messaging on United flights when users have RCS enabled on their devices. “While it will be available on United WiFi for most carriers starting this fall, wider support is coming soon,” the company said.

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