Google has no plans to ‘shut down’ its gaming platform Google Stadia


It was rumored that Google is planning to shut down its cloud gaming platform, Google Stadia soon. It was launched back in 2019 and is a major player against Microsoft’s Xbox. The rumor was started by a Twitter account ‘Killed by Google’ and caused unrest among fans. Google has finally made it clear that the gaming platform isn’t going anywhere.

Google Stadia is not shutting down

‘Killed by Google’ tweeted that Google is planning to plug its cloud gaming platform Google Stadia soon. It further states that the company will notify the users 30 to 60 days in advance and will refund the subscription amount without any additional charges.

Recently, a user on Twitter commented on Stadia’s post saying, “*Ah* (unbelievable I actually have to ask this), are you shutting down soon??” To this Google replied Given that this is not true. Google Stadia has said on Twitter that it will not be shutting down. Actually, the gaming platform is working on some new games which will be rolled out on the platform soon.

After this Google Stadia also tweeted that Stadia Pro users can play Wavetel games for free till August 1.

The rumor took hold when a post in the Stadia Facebook group announced that the platform was going to shut down. A Facebook group moderator later revealed that the comment was coming from a user “Donnie Japp” who had been “posting lewd posts about Stadia for months” and was banned.

The post that Google has no plans to ‘shut down’ its gaming platform Google Stadia first appeared on BGR India.

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