Google has introduced a call recording feature for Pixel devices worldwide

Google has rolled out call recording feature for Pixel devices globally

Google has begun launching a call recording feature for the Google Phone app for all eligible Pixel devices worldwide. The call recording feature has been available on various devices for some time, but in some areas this feature is not accessible due to legal restrictions. Now, if you own a qualified Pixel smartphone and live in an area where call recording is legal, you should soon see an option to record calls inside the phone app.

This feature has also started to be introduced in India region, which displays an additional “Record” button in the regular calling panel as soon as the call is launched.

To test and enable the call recording feature on your Pixel smartphone, you can go to Google Phone App> Settings> Call Recording.

Note that some countries allow recording of conversations, but it is illegal in some countries to record telephone conversations without prior warning. For this reason, even if recording conversations are allowed on your smartphone, the feature will still not be displayed. According to 9to5Google, The feature is not available in the UK but has been made available in France.

If the feature is already available on your Pixel device, you can go to Settings and the app will automatically delete any saved audio after 7, 14, or 30 days. You can set the files to be saved for manual deletion as you see fit.

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