Google has banned malicious apps from the Play Store for stealing personal information: delete them now

Google bans 3 malicious apps from Play Store for stealing personal data: Delete them right now

Google has removed three malicious apps from its Play Store. These Android apps include Magic Photo Lab-Photo Editor, Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor and Photo Photo Motion Edit 2021. Although the apps are no longer running Play Store, Google advises users to delete them from their device immediately.

KasperskyA security firm has revealed that three apps are using Facebook logins to defraud users and access their bank accounts. “Login to Facebook” is a common option that users of several apps and web portals provide. Many users choose to move forward with this option so that they do not have to create new accounts and save time. According to Kaspersky, these apps were using this sign-in data to steal users’ credentials and access their personal information.

How users can stay safe from this type of app

‘Magic Photo Lab-Photo Editor’, ‘Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor’ and ‘Pix Photo Motion Edit 2021’ are the three apps that users need to uninstall manually from the device. In addition to these, they should also change their Facebook login passwords to stay safe.

From now on, users should try to use the popular photo-editing app to reduce the chances of their data being stolen. In addition, users need to be careful when downloading apps from any App Store. They should always look for grammatical and true errors because such applications can be shady and insecure for your data. A lot of times, apps look legitimate but are actually fake.

Unknown, Google recently banned 150 Android apps from the Play Store due to privacy concerns. These apps were using Griffiths Trojan malware that infiltrates devices. Once the apps are installed, users are bombarded with several warnings that users are informed that they have won a prize and that they can claim it immediately.

As soon as the user clicks on it, the malware redirects the user to a page where they have to enter their phone number for verification. In reality, users were tricked into submitting their details to a premium SMS service that started charging 30 (about Rs 2,500) per month.

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