Google for India 2022 event: Google search gets multisearch feature, search page becomes bilingual


Google hosted the Google for India 2022 event in India today. In the eighth edition of Google’s annual event, Google introduced several new features for Google Search. The list not only includes a new multiple-search features for Google Search but also improvements to ‘Hinglish’ recognition and a new bilingual search feature.

So, here are all the new features and functionalities that Google has introduced for Google Search:

Google search pages go bilingual

Google announced today that it is making Google Search research pages bilingual. The company said that this India-first feature will make it easier for people to use more than one language to search and find information on Google Search. The company said the feature is powered by advanced machine learning-based translation models and a cross-language search technology.

As far as availability is concerned, Google said that it has already rolled out the feature in Hindi, and will expand it to other Indian languages โ€‹โ€‹including Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali in the coming year.

Google search gets multisearch feature

Google first introduced the multisearch feature in search back in April 2022. However, at that time the feature was limited to the United States. Now as the year is about to end, the company is bringing this feature to India. At the Google for India event, the company announced that it is making visual search even more natural with the introduction of Multisearch. With this feature, search users will be able to use a combination of text and images together to find information on search.

Talking about the availability, Google said that currently the multisearch feature is available in English in India. It will be available for more Indian languages โ€‹โ€‹starting with Hindi next year.

Improving the Hinglish Experience

Apart from the mentioned features, Google also announced that it is improving the Hinglish experience in India. The company today launched a new speech recognition model that it says can more effectively understand people speaking in Hinglish. The feature is powered by the company’s neural-network inspired speech recognition model that takes into account the person’s accent, ambient sounds, context and speaking style.

search in video

Finally, the company announced that it is piloting a new search in video functionality that will enable search users to view pieces of content within videos in search. All users need to do is type their query in the Google Search app on iOS and tap on the ‘Search in video’ button.

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