Google Contacts now lets you add, edit contacts from the sidebar


Google announced that it is rolling out a new feature to its contact management service ‘Google Contacts’ that will allow users to create new contacts and edit existing contacts from the “Contacts Sidebar”.

Earlier, going to “” was the only way to edit or add a Google Contact, the tech giant said in a workspace update blogpost.

“Whether you want to edit contacts faster or create contacts more easily, this update streamlines the contact management experience.”

To edit an existing contact, expand the side panel in Google Workspace, open the Contacts app, then click the contact, select the “Edit” icon in the top right, change the information, and select the “Save” option.

Whereas, to create a contact from scratch, open the Contacts app from the vertical app bar on the right, click the “Create Contact” option, enter a contact name, add contact information, and select the “Save” option.

Also, there is no admin control for this feature.

In December last year, the tech giant rolled out its Illustrations tool for its contact management service on Android, which allows users to create a custom profile picture.


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