Goodbye Uber, Ola? Delhi plans new app-based premium bus service


The roads of Delhi NCR are full of cars and buses like most of the metro cities of the country. These clogged roads are often one of the main causes of air pollution in the city. To deal with the situation, the Delhi government is planning to launch a new premium bus service that will be app-based and aimed at people who are either taking cabs on a daily basis from platforms like Ola and Uber, Or those who drive their own private car. The Delhi chief minister explained the new plan and claimed that the state government was looking for feedback on it.

In a statement, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “We want to provide good quality premium bus service so that people can use public TPT except their private vehicles. App based bus aggregator scheme detailed TPT department discussed. We Will take public feedback on this.”

How will the new bus aggregator service work?

The government will offer the service through bus aggregators, who must have a fleet of at least 50 buses to ply on the roads. These buses are envisioned with all the luxuries and amenities that normal DTC buses often lack. It is expected to be a ‘seats-only’ option.

Bus aggregators will have to register on the online browser app-based platform. The user will be able to check bus availability as well as pay for the ride through the app itself. Various routes will be highlighted within the app. If the aggregator wants to incorporate a new route, it will need permission from the Transport Department.

Given that it will be premium, we expect it to have a booking system of sorts. The primary goal is to reduce dependence on private vehicles for daily transport. If implemented as planned, commuters may soon have a new option to travel within the capital.

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal also talked about the existing fleet of buses in Delhi and how he plans to increase efficiency by “route rationalisation”.

Kejriwal said, “How to use the existing fleet of buses in Delhi most efficiently? How many more buses do we need? How to integrate all the modes of TPT? Today, I discussed the “Route Rationalization” proposal with senior officials of the Transport Department. of. We will soon take public feedback on this.”

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